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The secret group immediately reported the information to blood pressure medications and pool therapy the Wendonghui It is said that Nanhongmen has ndma still found in blood pressure medications what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone transferred scattered personnel from various places.

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Rescue Brother Zhou! Quickly save Brother Qiang! The gang members of the Wendong Society of Nanhongmen reacted almost at the same time, and rushed forward to rescue their respective bosses Zhou Ting and Gao Qiang fought each other in the duel, and were dragged back to their camps by their respective brothers.

However, Zhang Yanjiang and You Bing are not used to using force, neither of them are good at charging, they both hide at the back of their own camp, and the violent scene on the battlefield what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone faded a lot with their arrival The main entrance of the Nanhongmen Branch.

Thinking about it, Xie Wendong picked up what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone the phone and called Chu Bo directly, telling him not to wait any longer, and immediately took the five hundred brothers who were trained in Wangyue Pavilion and rushed to kill him from the back door.

With a look of contempt, he sneered and said Ren Changfeng, what are you crazy about? There is nothing great about you Beihongmen, you can only rely on the number of people to win Ren Changfeng's eyes were murderous, his face was gloomy, he stared at Xin Chou coldly, without saying a word.

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Seeing Chu Bo with his pale face and livid lips, he secretly sighed, stepped forward, and asked softly Xiao Chu, how are you feeling now? Chu Bo stared blankly at the white ceiling of the ward, seeing Dong Xinlei approaching, and immediately closed his eyes in pain, lamenting secretly, why didn't he die? Now, what face do I have to meet the brothers in the society, and what face do I have to meet Brother Dong? Thinking, his tears came out.

haha! Xie Wendong laughed, and said leisurely As long as you don't cry, I can take off your clothes and catch your tears! Chu Bo was amused by his words Xie Wendong blinked, shook his head and looked at him, and muttered crying for a while, laughing for a while, like a how does mitral regurgitation reduce diastolic blood pressure child.

His face was red and white at times, staring at Tang Yin speechlessly After throwing Xin Hai, he grabbed the knife with his hand and do bananas bring down blood pressure kicked Xin hypertension and dental treatment Chou's chest at the same time.

Meng Xun is good at planning but not good at martial what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone arts, so it is useless to ask him to follow If there is a mistake, the loss will be great.

Since the windows of the storehouse have been sealed by the Nanhong Gate, although it is bright inside, nothing can be seen outside There were nitric oxide and blood pressure medication two members of the Nanhong sect standing guard on both sides of the door.

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The Nanhongmen bodyguards covered Lu Kou out Brainsy of the private room, but within a short distance of more than ten steps, Lu Kou confessed to five more people.

All assistants! Yuan Tianzhong yelled, restrained his subordinates, and then walked closer to have a look, several big men from Nanhong clan had been turned into a mass of flesh and blood by the members of Wendonghui, hacked into shape Brother Yuan, we cleaned them all up! A Wendonghui boy wiped the blood spattered on his face.

The dance hall was simple, surrounded by which blood pressure medications contain valsatan a hypertension treatment youtube dance hall between tables and chairs Along with the music, several men and women hugged each other in the dance hall It was not clear whether they were dancing or making out.

Wu Lifeng raised his eyebrows and said suspiciously Other gangs? Will they help us? I'm afraid it's too late to see our jokes! Hu Yue smiled and said Now each faction only has interests in their eyes I think Brother Feng just needs to give them some benefits, and some gangs will come to what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone help us Oh Wu Lifeng rubbed his chin, lost in thought Hu Yue continued In two days, it happens to be Brother Feng's birthday.

Let's avoid it in other places now, so as not to cause trouble, and we will come back reducing bottom number blood pressure later! Hi! Jiang Sen sighed dejectedly, and took off the black leather gloves he was wearing by the way Just as Xie Wendong expected, they had just left for a short time when they were amazed In the middle of the night, the sound of the police siren could be heard from a long distance away.

the other party has already entered! okay, I get it! Pass my order, let the brothers stay on the second floor, don't act rashly! But What about the brother on the first floor? Yuan Tianzhong couldn't blood pressure medication for dialysis patient help but secretly sneered, and screamed in a.

Afterwards, more than ten members of the Wendonghui on the left and right ndma still found in blood pressure medications shouted urgently I can't stand it anymore! brothers, quickly withdraw with me! Damn, where are you going! Seeing that Fang Tianhua and others were about to scatter, Tian Qi suddenly let out a groan, drew his knife and chased after him.

After hearing what the little boss said, all the members of the Nanhong Clan blood pressure medications and pool therapy shouted in unison, and then pushed towards Fang Tianhua and the others little by little, and the encirclement became smaller and smaller At this time, the lights of too much blood pressure medication the cars on both sides of the street suddenly turned on brightly In the dark night, the light of the car lights was particularly dazzling.

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order, but the movements of the men in black were surprisingly consistent, walking towards bp tablets everyone in Nanhongmen in unison Their speed was not fast, but it caused a great sense of pressure and fear.

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Before he could finish speaking, Piron Nebe was startled, interrupted him, and asked Thank you gentlemen? Which Mr. Xie? Because Xie Wendong and others changed the car, Pi Long could no longer recognize him at this time It is the big boss of the Bank of East Asia, Mr. Xie Wendong Xie! The officer said cautiously.

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Then they looked at the dozens of blood killers, nodded repeatedly, and said, Brothers, this time is really thanks to you! The blood killer just nodded slightly, no one said much, and everyone was still indulging in the grief of the death of their companions Xie Wendong was silent for a while, sighed on his back, and waved to Guan Feng sideways.

Yu Huachen was caught, and those little bastards had no intention of fighting again At this time, it was in line with Sun San's words, little bastards They gave up killing and became the masters of bp tablets birds and beasts Neither Fang Tianhua nor Tian Qi ordered to chase them down but name of high blood pressure medications those Nanhongmen gang members who chased them out of the hall.

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Even if he didn't speak, bp tablets everyone in the Nanhongmen had no intention of fighting Now that they heard what he said, without hesitation, they threw their weapons to the ground and surrendered.

Hello! The handsome young man couldn't bear it anymore, he swung his arm and opened the big man's hand, and said in a cold voice My friend, please show some respect! Who the hell are you? Want to fight? The big man's face was flushed, and he seemed to be getting angry from embarrassment He reached when to seek medical attention for hypertension out and grabbed the handsome young man by the collar.

This is a great achievement, so whether the bastards from the what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Wendonghui can come back or not, it will do no harm to us! oops! After hearing Li Enbo's words, everyone breathed in, raised their thumbs at the same time, and praised repeatedly High! Brother Li's strategy is really clever! Just follow.

Let Brother Dong go to the meeting of the Tiger Gang alone, what should I do in case of an accident? Hearing this, everyone's feverish minds suddenly seemed to have been poured with a basin of cold water, and their hearts also cooled down If Xie Wendong had an accident, it would not be able to make up for it with a few Dongling districts.

The antihypertensive medications are called small barbecue restaurant where Xie Wendong and others are located is easy to find After all, there are very few restaurants still open in the middle of the night.

these The development status of large industrial parks, such does aleve reduce high blood pressure as the marine production industrial park, started to be really planned and constructed in the second blood pressure medication for dialysis patient half of last year, and only started to make efforts in the second half of this year.

Reached a basic agreement, I also believe that our how to reduce systolic blood pressure immediately work purpose is the same From He Zida's words, Lu Weimin could hear some ominous omens.

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When He Zida introduced some considerations of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department to Lu Weimin, Lu Weimin really couldn't suppress his inner dissatisfaction Minister He, this seems to have completely ignored the opinions of our municipal party committee.

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rumors that he might serve as the secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the bridgehead of reform and opening up Clearly, the chances of him getting there are slim to none.

To be honest, I was dazed when I went to work in the Central Political Research Office and the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The leaders on both sides didn't give me a clear task, so they gave me some ambiguous arrangements.

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Djibouti has established a military base As a permanent member of the what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Security Council, China is also carrying out the task of combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden.

Namibia itself has many Chinese companies doing business here, including mineral mining and construction contracting, as well as some other industries Namibia has always had a good relationship with China.

How do you say that? Do you think I'm that kind of person? Lu Weimin shook his head, but you can't deny that the promotion of a position is the organization's greatest recognition for the work of a cadre and official.

It can't be said to be a fatal flaw, but at least it has some regrets and influences, so when the central government transferred him to Beijing At that time, Hua Youlan was still very happy for Lu Weimin.

Now Gu Ziming is only the deputy secretary of lowering my blood pressure fast the Suian County Party Committee It has been a few years since Lu Weimin left Songzhou.

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Wen Yizhou also felt the complicated changes in Yin Guozhao's attitude He didn't know how what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone to respond to Yin Guozhao's words for a while.

For economic development, Lu Weimin knows that he is not too good at making sanita medical wrist blood pressure too many voices, but for the work of party building, that is, organization construction, Lu Weimin feels that he may have to express his views There are many problems in Changxi Prefecture, but Lu Weimin thinks that the problems are mainly at the county level.

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It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them best breakfast for lowering blood pressure to fish, Like many backward too much blood pressure medication places, to be honest, I personally think that it is not suitable for large-scale industrial development The ecology is fragile and the basic conditions are not available.

Liang and mannitol decreases blood pressure other cities dominated by the mining industry have also declined due to the impact of the financial crisis The economic growth rate of Changjiang as a whole has shown signs of decline At this time, Changjiang Province urgently needs hypertension and dental treatment some achievements to boost.

Love, this kind of anger is also which blood pressure medications contain valsatan very uncomfortable, not to mention that if you can hold your handle on it, it is also a powerful weapon.

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We must still have many shortcomings in our own work Cut, our state party committee and the state government feel that we still need to be mannitol decreases blood pressure cautious I remember that when you came to our state for research, you also talked about some views on development.

Secretary Lu, it's all the usual practice, except that you are a newcomer, but everyone is more familiar with you as a'newcomer' than us old ones, so is there any need for an introduction? Wen Yizhou also joked.

After all, he was in charge of the when to seek medical attention for hypertension county leaders, and he knew everything about it He even took the team out for two trips and paid for it in the school selection fee.

Du Chongshan seems to be intentionally keeping the distance between the two parties, and he also declined some invitations from Lu Weimin.

Wu Guangyu and Lei Jiande have nothing worth studying, and now they are continuing naturally controlling high blood pressure san antonio clinic to dig deeper into these two to seek more results.

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what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone

Of course, It may be difficult to do it in one step, but I think we can first clarify the candidates we think can be finalized so that they can enter the state as soon as possible, familiarize themselves with the situation, and prepare for the next blood pressure medication for dialysis patient two sessions Brainsy of Qingxi City.

I am afraid that even Huang Wenxu himself will think so, but if there is no such thing as Yin Guozhao himself Inclination, Lu Weimin knows that Huang Wenxu is unlikely to take this position If you want to go against the trend, then it is inevitable to have a bad nose.

Lu Weimin entered the state very quickly, and Qin Baohua cooperated so much that the overall situation fruit that lowers high blood pressure immediately reversed and fell into the hands of Lu and Qin Almost no one cares about himself, the deputy governor of the Standing Committee, blood pressure medications and pool therapy which cannot but be said to be a tragedy.

Lu Teng knew very well that if he took the position of mayor in Xiliang step by step, then if there were no special accidents, then the position of mayor would probably be the highest peak of his career, and the next step might be to transfer to the director of the.

For example, when Jiang Bingling called, he couldn't help wondering whether Jiang Bingling would come to his place tonight, and even looked forward to it, but the call from Jiang Bingling told him that he had already returned to Chang Lan Fengzhou, apart from disappointing Lu Weimin, was also a what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone little more embarrassing.

In 2010, it achieved a GDP of 58 billion, surpassing Puming and Guiping, which had always been in front of hypertension treatment youtube it, and approaching Qingxi, ranking sixth in the province.

Seeing He Wenqiang's expression, Hao Yizhou knew that he had made the right bet this time, so he said with a smile Secretary He, do you think this thing can catch your eye? He Wenqiang nodded lightly fumbled what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone to take out the magnifying glass from under the coffee table, and carefully examined the jade in the wooden box He moved the magnifying glass bit by bit, looked very carefully, and the more he looked at it, the more smiles on his face.

The post was posted by a conscientious Chinese researcher from the Chinese Research Center how does mitral regurgitation reduce diastolic blood pressure of a certain Japanese car, which exposed some inside stories about the use of low-cost raw materials in the manufacture of Japanese cars of that brand.

Didn't Mayor Qin take the lead in embezzling 10 million public funds? you say Woolen cloth? After Guo Maocai heard He Wenqiang's meaning, he became even more troubled Liu Fei obviously didn't want to make big things into small things, but He Wenqiang wanted to do this anyway.

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As soon as Sun Hongwei heard it, he understood what Qin Dongbao meant, so he reciprocated and said Thank you Mayor name of high blood pressure medications Qin for your support, and the Municipal Finance Bureau will also vigorously cooperate with the municipal government.

After finishing speaking, Yizhu Mao took out the gun in his hand and shook it in front of Liu Fei Liu Fei pointed to Li Dandan Shudu next to him Since you are policemen, don't you know that this Swan Lake entertainment city is suspected of.

The daughter became Fujikoshan's wife, so the provincial party committee still had a lot of concerns about using him for a what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone person like him.

what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone After speaking, Zhen Ziqiang what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Jiang Hanyou, director of Zhengming District Public Security Bureau.

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Seeing Liu Fei get off Tian Lianyun's car, Yuan Qingchu's face turned pale, because the scene in front of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee was very chaotic, and he didn't find out where Liu Fei went, especially when he He once saw what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Liu Fei's secretary, Lin nitric oxide and blood pressure medication Haifeng, walking towards the Organization.

Liu Fei didn't go on what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone a business trip, but took Xu Jiaojiao to Fengshen Mountain outside the suburb of Huzhou City to travel at this time Fengshen Mountain is about 50 kilometers away from the urban area of Huzhou City.

At this time, Xiao Qiang had already understood what what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Liu Fei meant, and curled his lips in disdain and said, Hey, I really didn't expect that young people nowadays like to brag more and more.

Even mannitol decreases blood pressure if this person is a junk picker now, just by virtue of his background, anyone who knows a little bit about the basics will have to give three points of face.

Liu Fei believes that this time, no matter whether name of high blood pressure medications it is a developed province or an underdeveloped province, they will go all out in this what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone project.

When Liu Fei and Ruan Mingchuan arrived at Zhou Haoyu's hotel by car, it was already past 10 o'clock in the night, but Zhou Haoyu's room was brightly names of high blood pressure medication lit.

If there are fatuous and incompetent people everywhere, how can we achieve political achievements? Therefore, Liu Fei's words made him clearly realize that the reason Liu Fei admired Sun Hongwei so much must be because Sun Hongwei's ability has reached the level that Liu Fei can what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone feel at ease.

Other members of the Standing Committee agreed with Sun Hongwei's choice In the end, after a what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone fierce contest by the Standing Committee, Sun Hongwei was appointed as the executive vice mayor of Huzhou City.

He didn't even stretch out his hand, but looked at Zhu Hailong coldly and said Who hypertension and dental treatment are you? between speaking The air is how does mitral regurgitation reduce diastolic blood pressure full of arrogance At the same time, he was also hinting to Song Wanting in this way that he did not know Zhu Hailong However, Zhu Hailong didn't know that Song Wanting knew Shen Haoxuan.

Later, when the armed police and the army were about to arrive, you suddenly Withdrew sanita medical wrist blood pressure from the scene and disappeared without a trace.

Whether I can take a does aleve reduce high blood pressure step forward, the key depends on where naturally controlling high blood pressure san antonio clinic I can go in this re-election, and the most important thing is Yes, I am afraid that Grandpa's body will last less than a year.

Shen Haoxuan said with a smile Uncle Gao, you are welcome, Feifei is engaged, I must come, and I come today, there is another matter I want to take the opportunity to announce Gao Quancai said with a smile If which blood pressure medications contain valsatan you have anything to say, just say it After finishing speaking, nitric oxide and blood pressure medication Gao Quancai handed the microphone to Shen Haoxuan.

I can say bluntly that I, Liu Fei, never pursue excessive interests in my work My principle of life has always been to treat people with sincerity, and my style is also that of the Liu family You are from the Song family, and the relationship between me and the Song family was very good before.

At 9 35, although it was still more than ten minutes before Liu Fei arrived at the bureau, Zhao Feng didn't dare to show any fuss, and organized people from the Land and Resources Bureau to wait at the gate early It was already early winter, and there was how to reduce systolic blood pressure immediately already a hint of coolness in the air.

So thinking of this, He Wenqiang decided to take the strategy of chasing tigers and chasing wolves, and relying on the power of others to achieve his goals, so he took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Governor Hu Zhijun, and said straight to the point Governor Hu, this Liu Fei is really outrageous, blood pressure medications and pool therapy he even bullied you.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Feng's head was already beaded with fine beads of sweat He has now discovered does aleve reduce high blood pressure that the head of the Organization Department of sanita medical wrist blood pressure the Provincial Party Committee is really amazing.

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Because he knew that starting tomorrow, he would no longer be the director of the Coal Administration Bureau, and he would no longer be too much blood pressure medication able to enjoy the countless benefits that the director's power brought him.

Minister Liu, if I become a veritable director of the Bureau of Land and Resources, as long as I have you With support, I will first adjust the leaders of the divisions of the Bureau of Land and Resources, and actively promote the open competition for division-level cadres of the Bureau of Land and Resources what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone to introduce fresh blood into our Bureau of Land and Resources.

You have a bad opinion, and you have to ask for instructions before doing some important things, so that the leader will think that you have him in your eyes.

How much control do you have? Hearing this, Sun Hongwei thought for a while, and then slowly said Well, in the past, the directors of the Land and Resources Bureau and the Urban Construction Bureau were both from Secretary He, and the director of the Safety what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Supervision Bureau was from Secretary-General Zou Wencai, so I am still in the running-in and understanding stage of these three bureaus, and I have not yet completed real control.

If he competes with obstacles, Emperor Jiang Qing will definitely say that how to reduce systolic blood pressure immediately it is called chasing, and Lin Juxiong will hypertension treatment youtube also grin his mouth wide.

Even if he is a special soldier who puts his fist 5 centimeters away from the target, the force he can instantly hit is far beyond ordinary people Chen Fugui's big hands with calloused palms surprised ndma still found in blood pressure medications Cui Bangguo and clenched his fists one behind the other.

Jiazhai, who has experienced many battles, likes to explain that one person joined the army, the whole family is glorious and serious, and the good comrades who have many children look at Zhou Guoqi with a smile, and ask back without losing the wind My name is Zhou Guoqi, from Beijing, and I am coming to Nanjing to what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone visit Mr. Chen.

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But as a father, I owe too much to my children Don't worry, uncle, I will take care of Yuanshu for you Zhou Guoqi smiled and said, the two what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone big leaders of my family are waiting to have grandchildren.

Chen Fusheng didn't want to involve too many ruffians in the street, no matter if they were big or small, in the eyes of high-ranking officials in the coastal areas, they were often members of the underworld, especially those who were not deeply involved in the world.

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Afraid of waking her up, her sleep quality is not good, but when Chen Fusheng tried his best not to think about the beautiful thoughts, Cao Jianjia took the initiative to turn sideways and moved her plump body into Chen Fusheng's arms.

Get up hypertension and dental treatment in the morning, help Chen Fusheng to do a perfect dress, make breakfast, and tell him mysteriously whether he wants to see a guest, of course Chen Fusheng gives the answer without hesitation, as a husband so far, he has only met Mother-in-law and brother-in-law are on the same side, and still being scorned by the former and completely ignored by the latter, it feels uncomfortable.

I do bananas bring down blood pressure have never been able to understand what the godmother would do with him who is already a married man and Sister Furong who also has a fiance The old man does not support or object to turning a blind eye to this matter.

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expression and said with a faint smile Qingcheng, don't do this to your husband in the future, see how much I love you? If you got into trouble with me over a trivial matter, you should fight! Snapped! Chen Ping slapped Nalan Qingcheng's upturned buttocks.

What's next? The school belle asked innocently sanita medical wrist blood pressure For example, go to a hotel to open a room and roll a big bed, which consumes a lot of physical energy.

Okay, tell me, what was I talking about just now? Chen Ping shrugged his shoulders with a smile, and said with a smile It's very simple, teacher, what you said is, okay, then tell me, what did what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone I talk about just now? Chu Qianyuan took a breath and became extremely angry.

Chen Ping stayed alone in Nalan Qingcheng's nest, hesitated otc hypertension treatment for a while, went downstairs to hire a taxi, and went straight to Zhang Sanqian's residence in Shanghai Similarly, he also had Zhang Sanqian left for him there.

Yes, it feels like you are the only one, not only the upper mouth, but also the lower mouth has been used by countless people, right? Zhou Wuyang's delicate body was limp in Chen Ping's arms, trembling violently, this low-key but tough woman who had an accident actually started to sob softly because of Chen Ping's words Chen Ping didn't have the slightest intention of softening his heart He squeezed her upturned buttocks, full of flexibility.

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In some respects, Chen An is indeed surprisingly similar to that woman who holds a pivotal position in the Fusheng Group, she is equally innocent, but she is shrewder than anyone else in her heart.

what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone After seeing you, I realized that my suspicions were correct I don't care what you are doing here, who you are going to deal with, who you want to kill.

Chen Ping gave ndma still found in blood pressure medications a mannitol decreases blood pressure lewd laugh, and slightly squinted his eyes to see Looking at Zhao Yaqin whose face was flushed in front of her, she just didn't speak.

There was silence for a few seconds, and then the door suddenly opened, and a piece of white underwear was thrown at Chen Ping, and Chen Ping caught it with his hands, feeling really sweet.

Let's go, Chen Ping was supported by Tang Aozhi, smiled and praised that he did a good job, then he waved to Wang Xianyi, and the oiran immediately ran over obediently.

Chen Ping breathed a sigh of relief and stood up and walked directly to the top floor It is no secret that Han Yelin recently invited foreign aid.

oath by the Daming Lake? She hated what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Chen Ping's joking tone, raised her head and bit Chen Ping's shoulder fiercely, she said viciously You fucking bastard, get out, isn't my old lady just sleeping with you? Just treat it as a one-night stand, and I.

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When Chen Ping was meditating, a slightly tired voice suddenly sounded, a little hoarse and very sexy Chen Ping is no stranger to this voice, It was the owner of this voice who betrayed him and helped him again how to reduce systolic blood pressure immediately a few days ago.

For this child who has never been out of Yunnan since childhood, some things in the capital Beijing are always elusive pictures Wang Xianyi stroked the girl's hair, smiled lightly and said Okay, my sister will take you there then.

Chen Ping narrowed his eyes slightly, carefully sizing up the characters Tang Aozhi mentioned, and medication for hypertension australia felt more and more that the saying that people should not be blood pressure medication for dialysis patient judged by appearances is indeed true He was not polite even if he didn't get up.

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Just leaked the news, and then there was a series of overwhelmed shots, fruit that lowers high blood pressure and finally fled back to Kunming in embarrassment after sacrificing two brothers Meng Chong couldn't figure out why the news was leaked, but failure is failure A sanita medical wrist blood pressure man like him, Never make excuses for yourself.

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The last time he was performing a mission, he was suddenly intervened and the action failed Said it was a shame, so he decided to wash it all at once this time.

In fact, from the bottom of my heart, if there is nothing wrong, what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone Chen Ping has no objection to meeting Nalan Jingwei After all, he has harmed his granddaughter.

Tang Aozhi's face turned cold suddenly, he snorted coldly, turned his body slightly in the car, and kicked out with a kick, the powerful explosive force was immediately manifested, the entire car door flew what type of blood pressure medication is spironolactone out along an inconspicuous but exaggerated arc, hitting heavily on the On the belly of one of the men.