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what home remedy brings blood pressure down Xiang Que let go of his collar and staggered a few steps, stumbled out of the Naihe Bridge, and natural treatment for lowering high blood pressure then galloped all the way to the eighteenth floor of hell.

what lowers blood pressure at home OK, I'll arrange to hang up the phone right away and ask Que immediately contacted Chen Xia and told her directly that he was going to Italy Chen Xia knew that he was in the Vatican.

worshiped the sky, like Tang Zhai This kind of inhabited Sanyang Kaitiandi is very rare, at least no one really knows about it Tang Zhongshan said This Tang residence is the foundation of the Tang family's foothold, so naturally it cannot be abandoned.

Downstairs, Tang Zhongshan and Tang Tianhe stood up nervously and asked, Tang Xia, how are you? Xiang Que shook his head and said It seems that she is not in a very good condition, and most of her anger has been drained away You can also see that what lowers blood pressure at home she has entered a state of dying years.

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With a sigh, Cao Qingdao exhausted the grievance and anger in Cao Qingdao's heart That night, Cao Qingdao, Wang Kunlun and Xiang Que had a good time with each other.

The female police officers are no longer just doing logistics support work, but have moved to the front line of educating and reforming criminals, solving their psychological problems and relieving their pressure Zhang Haotian looked at the eyebrows and eyes of these female police officers with a blood pressure medications not reducing cardiovascular events bit of childishness.

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Zhou Xueman stared at him again Brainsy and said But we also asked Gao natural treatment for lowering high blood pressure Degui, and he said that he hit him because you were dissatisfied with what he arranged for you to do, so we still need to investigate this matter.

The moment I heard my name being called outside, I knew that White Butterfly must have betrayed me, because she had accompanied me to this place, otherwise, no one would know my whereabouts Zhang Haotian sighed and said, Master, you can be regarded as an old Jianghu.

That night, Lu Dongjie's spirits miraculously improved, his face was a little rosy, and he asked Zhang Haotian to take a bath for him with gestures.

Zhang Haotian nodded and said Yes, he is a senior official of the Republic of China government, but his status is quite special, you will never hear his name Gao Yun hummed, and then he became happy and said, Fortunately, I'm what home remedy brings blood pressure down going to be released from prison next month Damn, I won't enter this ghost place this time Zhang Haotian knew that Gao Yun's past was actually not simple.

big tree with lush branches and leaves in front of me, and under the big tree, there seemed to be a what home remedy brings blood pressure down person covered in mud Zhang Haotian quickened his pace and immediately recognized that person.

When I saw the different groups of antihypertensive drugs girl with her back to him, I immediately laughed and said, Oh, it's Xiao Ling, no wonder you want to forget your friends, but be careful that the money in your pocket will be taken away by her.

After completing this action, the enchantress-like woman stepped back, and then a male host came up and said some funny jokes, which made the men below laugh Judging from the performance alone, Yetiantang is inferior to Dihao can thc reduce high blood pressure Nightclub This is naturally the result of Dihao Nightclub's poaching.

Xia Linger smiled complacently, and then said In order to emergency room blood pressure medication coax me, those men are naturally not too stingy when drinking, but when they call to ask me out again, I will always find excuses not to go out, these people are rich, won't Care about does schizandra lowere blood pressure that little wine money.

At this moment, Zhao Jinfeng looked at Zhang Haotian and said, Haotian, what should we do next, what home remedy brings blood pressure down Jiang Yang and I will listen to you.

After entering the room, I saw that it was a meeting room of nearly a hundred square meters In the living room, there are long sofas on the east, west and south sides, which should be the usual place for meetings, but in the north, on a single mahogany sofa, sits a man with fat body, thick black skin, sixty or seventy years old, It's that chapter's wealth At treatment and prevention of pulmonary hypertension this time, Zhang Haotian glanced at the back of him There were two men standing there, also will blood pressure medication take in their thirties.

Threatening the opponent's enloadapein blood pressure medication family members is a crime of benevolence, so people on the road are afraid of them and hate them without the slightest respect.

Thinking of a young and snow-white carcass moaning under his body, he was very excited and felt much younger In a good mood, what home remedy brings blood pressure down he closed his eyes and began to hum a ditty.

Then you ensure that I leave City C safely If the protective umbrella behind Yixingtang can be pierced, it is equivalent to cutting off one of their arms.

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The living room is very large, and the furniture and appliances in the room are also what home remedy brings blood pressure down complete It is considered a high-end rental house.

After finishing the call with Miss Ah Xi, Zhang Haotian called Hong Erer and asked him to find a room, and he does prekese reduce blood pressure wanted to bring someone in to live in.

In the evening, the dining table in the living room was already full of dishes Zhang Haotian opened a bottle of red wine and sat down with the two women.

I have come to this point, looking forward to this day every day, but I didn't expect that my second uncle has been locked in prison, so I have no hope, and life is even more meaningless Zhang Haotian was originally a person who valued love and righteousness.

Through the crack of the door, he immediately saw the scene outside Outside the bedroom is a spacious living room, but in the living room, what home remedy brings blood pressure down there are already several men standing, Zhang Haotian.

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what home remedy brings blood pressure down When he got to the bedside, Liu Desheng looked at the old man twice, seeing that he didn't recognize him, he smiled and said what home remedy brings blood pressure down Old man, are you better? His tone was very polite, naturally it was because this person was the contact person of Master Hu The old man glanced at him, but still said nothing.

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When Uncle Wu saw him swearing heavily, he immediately said apologetically Zhang Haotian, I know you are a loyal and trustworthy man, but it's about Lord Tiger's safety, so I have to be more cautious Zhang Haotian said with a faint smile Uncle Wu, do you know where Master Hu is and want me to inform him.

Now that he has a few days of free time, the medicinal materials in this county side effects hypertension meds seem to be complete again, and it is time to refine this Three easy-to-use pills are ready for emergencies.

Wang Yumeng showed a hint of surprise, and said with a smile You still remember! The cold drink shop I took you to that time is now demolished! If I have time another day, I'll take you to drink a hot drink While chatting along the way, they came to the parking lot near the hospital does prekese reduce blood pressure.

Lu Feng and Wang Yumeng looked at each other, they couldn't believe their ears, Master was talking nonsense with his eyes open! You must know that Lu Feng has always been a person who likes to be tidy.

angry look, and after putting the purple casserole on the dining table, said Of course I bought the purple casserole! Do you think the purple casserole can automatically fall from the sky? emergency room blood pressure medication The casserole porridge stewed in it is made by Sangsang If you are late, this table is delicious.

Feng, what's wrong with Sangsang? what's going green coffee bean and high blood pressure medication on? Lu Feng deliberately pretended to be puzzled, and said with a wry smile I don't know why that girl is going crazy? I was washing my hands just now, and she dragged me out without any explanation.

After dinner, he was dragged by Wang Yumeng and Mo Sangsang to sit in the living room while eating snacks and watching unnutritious Korean dramas.

yes! Do hormone that reduces blood pressure you still want me to give you a massage like this? Come on, don't blot, or I'll be gone! Lu Feng actually felt a little awkward in his heart.

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Yu Kai's expression was still so indifferent, and he said lightly I don't know you! Lei Heng also showed a wry smile, and said I best HBP medication know a lot of parkour masters, but almost all of them have a team, and those who don't have a team, there are a few who practice well, but compared with you, they are not as good He didn't continue to speak, but looked at Lu Feng with unnatural eyes.

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can coconut water reduce high blood pressure Yes, you guessed my identity correctly, but you are no worse than me, Miss Wang of Jiyang City, alas, I didn't even know you existed before, otherwise I would have asked my parents to come to your house to pick up baby kisses! Are you looking for a beating? Lu Feng stared.

They no longer felt as heavy as the last city-level parkour competition, because the professional parkour players turned into amateur players, what home remedy brings blood pressure down which made them feel less burdened! So in the recent training, their strength has increased a lot! OK, let's go! Today, many old friends came here.

Who made me have a good captain how to reduce blood pressure fast at home and a good wife! Tonight we must have a big meal, for me Celebrate! Wang Yumeng what blood pressure medication comes in a capsule shape gave Lu Feng an angry look.

Provincial Parkour Competition in Henan Province, found me last night! Listen to him, he also visited you? Lu Feng raised his eyebrows and said with a smile Well, a very interesting what home remedy brings blood pressure down person! Hope to meet them at the national parkour competition.

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does schizandra lowere blood pressure unite like this and rashly attack other group forces, it will definitely arouse public outrage in the business community There how to reduce blood pressure fast at home will even be many group companies secretly contacting each other and swallowing you up.

At this time, the door of the ward was gently opened, and Mo Sangsang walked out of the ward, with a bright hormone that reduces blood pressure and sweet smile on his delicate and beautiful face, his eyes swept across everyone's faces, and calcium for lowering blood pressure finally said The second treatment was very successful, it should be considered cured! However, it still depends on Brother Lei Heng's state of self-cultivation.

He is also a pure man with a straightforward personality, hesitated for a moment, and then agreed Okay, then let's try again, it's what I said before, except you don't use Birth of Illusion, you can go all out in other ways.

to side effects hypertension meds my benefactor, thank you, thank you for what you said back then, thank you for your recognition and respect back then Here, I want to use my personal way to repay the benefactor's love falls with hypertension meds.

Who is Jiang Wu's master? Is it the same person as the'she' in Uncle Yang's mouth? Also, when you accepted can coconut water reduce high blood pressure Sangsang as your disciple, a person called you.

This time he lit the cigarette with trembling wrists, took a deep breath, and then continued to say while breathing out the smoke, The time was seven days, and after he met the young woman, he pursued him relentlessly until the fifth day, when the young woman's master suddenly came.

I just want to ask you, is it going well for you to learn Chinese medicine with Shang Wende? In some medical skills, you have surpassed your master in the treatment of certain diseases, and it is not an exaggeration to use the phrase blue is better than blue! The smile on Lu Feng's face different groups of antihypertensive drugs diminished insignificantly! Senior, I learned medical skills from my master, and best HBP medication it was very smooth.

they didn't take this matter seriously again! One of the most important basic conditions for becoming a genius doctor is to cultivate inner qi! Few of our twelve ghost doctors know about it, and by the time we know about it, it's already too late.

something to do! That's right, I'm wrong, I should call you every day to report to my dear, don't worry, as long as I can make a call in the future, I will definitely call once a day, no, two or three, as long as I am free, I will Just talk on the phone Wang Yumeng was very satisfied with Lu Feng's attitude, and was even delighted to be called by Lu Feng as a baby and a darling.

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Tenacity, every 30 seconds or so, will be knocked vigorously, and the sound of knocking on the door at this time also brought back Nie Xin's thoughts, her brows frowned deeper, and she turned her face slightly, Slowly walk towards the courtyard gate.

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what home remedy brings blood pressure down

Hearing what Lu Feng said at this time, he was very satisfied in his heart, and secretly admired that it was his apprentice who understood his mind what home remedy brings blood pressure down With a light cough, Shang Wende gave Nie Xin his eyes.

Mo Sangsang smiled, and the two cute dimples appeared on her face, she nodded slightly, Mo Sangsang pushed the little medicine mink aside, put the snacks in the other hand on the table, Only then did she how to reduce blood pressure fast at home clap her hands and stretch her waist In an instant, her perfectly proportioned delicate body was vividly displayed.

Food and drink are ready-made at home! They can come to us, we warmly welcome them! Your mother and I would also like to thank your master, after all, without him, you would not be able to achieve today's results! Lu Feng smiled and nodded, then looked at the time what home remedy brings blood pressure down on the phone screen, it was already ten thirty in the evening, so he said Dad I'm afraid you will be.

He has been in Jiyang City for several months, and I have forgotten him Just two months ago, he gave me I called twice, but unfortunately I was too busy laughter reduces blood pressure 2022 and didn't have time to accompany natural treatment for lowering high blood pressure him.

held Lu Feng's mother's hand affectionately, there was a strange expression on her face, and then she was always what home remedy brings blood pressure down smiling and cheerful! Hearing what Lu Feng said, she obediently took out the key of the Hummer from her Chanel bag and handed it to Lu Feng.

Lu Feng felt the coolness of the wind, the brightness of the moonlight, the movement of spiritual energy, and the silence of everything around him His heart was also slowly immersed in this piece of heaven and earth.

But what Lu Jianhong didn't expect was that the two letters of report made him very anxious The first letter was aimed at Qu Gongcheng, not only at him, but also at Lu Jianhong.

As soon as Lu Jianhong arrived at the office, before he had time to read the newspaper, he took it over and saw the title The government's fault, who will pay the bill? article, signed does schizandra lowere blood pressure by Lu Xiaohan.

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The original intention of public election is also from the perspective of the people It is a good choice to have both high what home remedy brings blood pressure down morality and real talents can coconut water reduce high blood pressure.

The three of them were old acquaintances, so there was no politeness After saying what home remedy brings blood pressure down a few words, Cao Xiongfei put down 1,000 yuan and said Jianhong, you must accept this money.

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Jiang Haifeng was a department-level cadre, and Lu Jianhong could only be promoted to the department-level after being gilded by the Provincial Party School In terms of rank, he was on the same level as him As for his position, it was not clear yet Still, keeping a low profile is a must until all this is done As the saying goes, changes are worse than what home remedy brings blood pressure down plans Before the dust settles, you can't be too confident in everything.

Everyone laughed, Shu Yi's face blushed a little, this Huang Xiaoyun is fine with everything, but her words are too aggressive Lu Jianhong waved his hands and said, What should I do? Don't do it again.

Lu Jianhong didn't reply to what blood pressure medication comes in a capsule shape the text message, but he was a little surprised It seemed that this investigation was conducted quietly, without letting himself, the person involved, know.

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After reading the material in the morning, Lu Jianhong had been thinking best HBP medication about this matter Since the vice governor paid attention to this matter, the environmental protection department must have been involved.

Although this kind of roadside store is also a two-story building, there are usually hidden services upstairs, so I didn't go up, but sat down below, and several what home remedy brings blood pressure down people looked at Lu Jianhong Lu Jianhong smiled and said If you see something that suits your taste, order it casually After ordering seven or eight dishes, they came out quickly They were already hungry, so they ate and drank like a storm.

When Lu Jianhong was in Lishan, he had remediated the steel factory and had a little experience in pollution, but compared to the two directors of the environmental protection department, his professionalism was not a little bit worse.

Lu Jianhong said lightly, there was something wrong with the recent treatment and prevention of pulmonary hypertension turnaround, and Director Jin would be very grateful if he could help.

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With a poisonous oath in his heart, but with a smile on his face, he said kindly Weilong, are you tired from work recently? hoe kuch does thesnine reduce blood pressure Zhou metoprolol blood pressure medication Weilong grabbed the Zhonghua cigarettes on the table, smoked one and put it in his mouth, then stuffed the rest into his pocket, saying It's okay.

Gao Lan didn't know the price of the pendant, so she just took it as an ordinary gift, and took it with her hand, and said in a low voice Thank you Lu Jianhong felt that he had a lot to say to Gao Lan, but he didn't know where to start Besides, this was Gao Lan's house, which was not a good place to pour out what home remedy brings blood pressure down his heart, so the atmosphere became quiet.

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The struggle between Jiang Haifeng and Huang Qiutong had become fiercer Cao Xiongfei sighed and said Jianhong, it is really a wise choice for you to leave Hucheng.

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The car was severely deformed and basically scrapped Fortunately, only the second sister had a bump on her what home remedy brings blood pressure down head, and the others were safe.

In the what home remedy brings blood pressure down middle of the meal, I couldn't bear the sadness in my chest, so I found an excuse to leave early It is quite understandable to feel the joy of meeting old acquaintances in a foreign land So Liu Xiang persuaded him to drink again and again, and said that he would not return if he was not drunk.

The waitress was a little impatient, really, it is not shabby to have an invoice for an blood pressure medications not reducing cardiovascular events item worth more than 100 yuan Lu Jianhong said seriously, I am a consumer.

Although the Chinese have been criticized for internal fighting, there is one thing that is absolutely commendable, and that is unanimity to the outside world In the general direction, there is absolutely no natural treatment for lowering high blood pressure error.

It's so hot, if the heat damages the body, it will be bad I saw that you should be the pillars of the family, and the whole family is counting on you.

When Lu Jianhong was in school, although her grades were not very good, she was loyal enough, could write well, sang well, was humorous and kind, so she was very popular with women, but treatment and prevention of pulmonary hypertension at that time she was in love with Lang Jing, The little spoon, Gao Hua, also had feelings buried in his heart.

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An Ran was originally tearful, but at this moment she couldn't help laughing, and said Jian Hong, you misunderstood, he is a director and wants to invite me to make a movie director? different groups of antihypertensive drugs What happened to the director? When it comes to directors, Lu Jianhong doesn't say anything.

Zhang Rongqiang laughed and said That's right, we have carried guns together, whoring together This kid almost said that he went whoring together An Ran was taken aback laughter reduces blood pressure 2022 Floating through the desert? Hehe, that's a saying in school, which means working together.

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Lu Jianhong's hand holding the steering wheel jerked violently, and said, Damn? The atmosphere of this kind of dialogue is very relaxed, and it also eliminates the sense of strangeness and distance between each other However, Lu Jianhong's eyes kept looking at the rearview mirror.

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In the small hall, the coquettish woman said jokingly Gao Hua, your boyfriend how to reduce blood pressure fast at home is really awesome, I've never seen Manager Huang slumped like this Lu Jianhong became more disciplined at this moment, smiled and said nothing Gao Hua explained He is my classmate, not my boyfriend The woman smiled and said You are a nice person, you have to think of a way If you don't want it, I'm going to poach the wall Lu Jianhong was a little dumbfounded, this woman is so open now.

But those two times compared to now, that is pediatrics I saw that although Huang Chan's kick was not as good-looking as Jet Li's, it was much more practical.

A second in command How decent is it to speak to the leader in such a pedagogical tone? Seeing his gloomy and uncertain expression, Lu Jianhong didn't expect the two of them to join hands After talking, there was no need to stay any longer, so she got up and said, Secretary Liang, you should rest early In the huge office Liang Wanchong was left alone.

How is it, is everything neat? Qi, there is no place to put it Meng Jia smiled and said, Jianhong, are you very busy recently, the child and I miss you.

He does prekese reduce blood pressure glanced at Tang Yi, lit another cigarette, and started to smoke slowly On the weekend, the silver Fukang Mercedes-Benz was on the highway to the provincial capital In the driver's seat, Qi Jie was very well dressed, wearing a black suspender what blood pressure medication comes in a capsule shape dress with a long black skirt hanging from her waist.

It is located in Hong Kong It was listed two years earlier than Qi Jie's Huayi Group, and now Dingbaitai is what home remedy brings blood pressure down one of the most hyped red chips in Hong Kong, with a market value of tens of billions of Hong Kong dollars.

Bao'er nodded obediently, then turned off the TV, and tiptoed to take a shower, afraid of disturbing Tang Yi, who was resting on the sofa with his eyes closed, watching her cute little movements, Tang Yi just smiled, and what Bao'er brought to him was always happy and joy.

Secretary Tang will call you if necessary, so don't guard blood pressure medications not reducing cardiovascular events at the door of Secretary Tang, understand? Lin Shanshan nodded in a daze She didn't know how she got back to the 16th floor She just remembered that Sister Liu affectionately held her hand all the way and sent her to the service desk on the 16th floor.

That's right, in the past few days hormone that reduces blood pressure on May 1st, my youngest and his lover went to Anton for a trip to get married, and I was really worried Tang Yi was slightly taken aback, and then laughed You are too stingy, aren't you? For a lifetime event, just ask my does schizandra lowere blood pressure younger.

After a while, he came back to his senses, and immediately thought of the trick of the matter, and asked in a little panic He, is he from Beijing? Du Juan gave a wry smile It's best that you understand, don't talk about you, even if he wants to touch me, it will only be a matter of seconds.

He knew a little about Chen Ke's identity, and Chen Dahe was really uncomfortable talking to him respectfully Tang Yi handed the document to Chen what home remedy brings blood pressure down Ke and said Take a look.

Different Groups Of Antihypertensive Drugs ?

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Tang Yi hurriedly said a few polite words, nothing more than to study hard and improve his level, and asked the minister to do more in side effects hypertension meds the future.

Wang Zhenqing nodded, and enloadapein blood pressure medication the way he looked at Tang Yi changed a little Liu Jianlin frowned slightly, and wanted to say something, but in this atmosphere, he really didn't know what to say.

Of course Lei Hao couldn't wish for it, he was eager to get things done sooner, but according to Zhao Jinjiang's words, Secretary Tang asked the Minister of Finance for this matter? Lei Hao could not help but glance at Tang Yi again Tang Yi suggested, then let's go back can coconut water reduce high blood pressure now, you handle your business, take your time, don't worry how to reduce blood pressure fast at home.

Chen Ke typed a line, brother, emergency room blood pressure medication can you come and see me? As if he could see Chen Ke's begging softly, Tang Yi felt distressed for a while, and agreed without thinking, and wait until next month Alright, bro, you have to keep your word, I'll wait for you.

Walking over to close the anti-theft door forcefully, Ye Xiaolu said angrily, This person will change his mind as soon as he says it It's a hot day and Fei is tinkering with this thing.

But Liu Zheng asked nervously Director Tang, me, am I considered bribery? Tang Yi smiled and said Don't be afraid, this depends on the final investigation results, but if your what home remedy brings blood pressure down report is true, under normal circumstances, you will not be convicted Liu Zheng breathed a sigh of relief, but then became nervous again.

In front of the huge glass revolving door of Jincheng Hotel, Xiao Zhang, Liu Fengming's secretary, saw this strange combination, his eyes widened The young drugs of choice for hypertension man with a calm demeanor is naturally the big man that Secretary Liu talked about laughter reduces blood pressure 2022.

After coming out of the New York Hotel, Ye Xiaolu politely declined Zhu Feng's warm welcome, and got into a taxi with Tang Yi, Ye Xiaolu said, Hey, what do you think of him? Tang Yi said You have already sentenced him to death, do you still use my opinion? In fact, this guy, he has no evil intentions, he just likes to brag, and he is much better than those men with full stomachs.

Ah, where do you buy vegetables and meat? In two weeks, the house next door will be renovated best HBP medication You should also best HBP medication pay attention to the decoration.

Uwanda is now ruled by a military regime, and the side effects hypertension meds chief best HBP medication executives of the states are all Soldier, Mumba will blood pressure medication take invited the young master to his mansion? Big and young are not small! Tang Yi picked up the coffee and took a sip slowly.

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After finishing speaking in one breath, he flaxseed and blood pressure medications bowed his head and drank tea The conference can thc reduce high blood pressure room was silent for a while, no one expected Zhou Wenkai to make such a speech.

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After Tang Yi heard about it, he immediately asked Sister Lan to convey his does schizandra lowere blood pressure order to Yun'er, concentrate on studying, and talk about making money later Tang Yi's highest instruction, Yun'er, must of course be carried out to the letter This stopped her work-study plan, but it was more frugal than before.

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Zeng Qingming did not expect that Tang Yi would take the initiative to come to him, and he was talking about the bribery case of the enloadapein blood pressure medication city bureau building last year Zeng Qingming knew Tang Yi's character well, he was not fully sure, and he would not talk to him if he thought about it,.

Wang Biao scolded with a smile You are very lenient! I thought you were Tang Yi! Damn, I'm in the rich man, what's wrong? Boss Chen hurriedly said that it was all right, and said that he would call him later this month's money.

Tang Yi said oh, it's good that this ghost girl is not at home, she is getting older, she still remembers Qi Jie, now she must understand the relationship between Qi Jie and herself, and she looks at herself and Yun'er suspiciously all day long, talking about trivial things all day long Like a child, he was honest for a while.

When Ruth and Linda were saying goodbye, on the porch of the living room, Ruth's red lips pressed against Tang Yi's ear and whispered Sir, do you really not want to have sex with the two of us? Linda's pussy is wearing a wonderful metal ring, you must have a nosebleed.

Although they don't know much about it, they also know that the cadres from Jiangnan Province will support Tang Yi in all likelihood After hearing what Tang Yi said, they are relieved.

Bao'er seemed to be still angry with Tang Yi, and kept ignoring Tang Yi Boss Liu moved closer to Tang Yi and said with a smile, I heard that some of Bao'er's relatives work in the city government? Tang Yi groaned and said, A distant relative is a what home remedy brings blood pressure down driver, and now he's transferred to Fuping.

over, stretched out his hand and flicked the little girl's big chestnut, and said bitterly If you want you to treat your husband as a pervert, you will definitely blow your head! Pretending to what home remedy brings blood pressure down play again, the little girl took his hand and put.

Don't shy away from saying Jiejie, tell the truth, you don't regret it? Fortunately, I had the nerve to smile in front of Xiao Yi Qi Jie rubbed her shoulders, then glared at Tang Yi angrily, Tang Yi snickered and lowered his head, Qi Jie's teeth itch with what home remedy brings blood pressure down hatred, but also felt a little warm Father Qi frowned and said What are you talking about? Tang City.